{be a tourist}

I’m off on another adventure. Exploring a culture foreign to my own. Having everything become fresh and new, bewildering and boggling, is a hard process. The fresh and new comes with being a tourist. The bewildering and boggling comes when you decide to  live, to be, in the new culture. I’m doing a little bit of both this week.

As I’m thinking hard about moving from my beloved city, it makes me look at everything fresh. Suddenly, I want to be a tourist again, soak up all the highlights of my city so I’ll drown myself in them and never forget where I came from. I think that I live in one of most fabulous places in the world. I really do. The more I leave, the more in love I am when I come back. I think everyone should be a tourist in their hometown from time to time.

But right now, I’m not in my city. I’m thousands of miles away. Being a hybrid tourist. It’s fun. You should try it.  And bring extra camera batteries when you do.


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