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Last night I dreamt that I had thousands of people following my blog. It was kind of cool. The only problem was that the one person that I didn’t want reading my blog was. When I woke up, the plot felt familiar. Then I remembered why. I had just finished The Cubicle Next Door about a civilian employee of the Air Force who blogs anonymously about the flyboy who shares her office.  Her blog becomes a hit and she’s forced to hear her officemate quote her words about him back to her. Entertaining read.

What would I write about if I were to blog anonymously? My life isn’t that juicy at the moment. The only man I’m seeing consistently is Tony Horton, the P90X guru who has changed my life…and I’ve only been seeing him 30 days. That’s right. Today is our one month anniversary. The big decision is if I’m going to stick with him for the next two months or drop him and his workouts. See? Boring.

So if you were going to blog anonymously, what would you blog about?

One Response to “Blog Posts”
  1. Faye says:

    what would I blog about? my truest thoughts and feelings on things.

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