Book Trailers

Last night was the local ACFW chapter meeting. The usual crowd was there and we were all snug in our little meeting room. The guest speaker, Judy Gann was talking about the importance of marketing as a writer. There used to be a time when all writers did was write books. That day will never come again. It’s all about connecting with readers through traditional ways and social media.

What do I mean?

Traditional = book signings

Social Media = blogs like this one

Traditional = author presentations

Social Media = author pod-casts

One of the newest ways that authors and publishing houses are trying to connect with readers is through the use of book trailers. That’s right. Book trailers. I love the idea. Properly done, they could be great. I’m all for emerging media. What I don’t like is sloppy work. I think it reflects badly on the author. They have studied their craft and worked on their books for thousands of hours. The older generations of authors aren’t as tech savvy as their young counterparts, which is sad because they are missing out on quite a bit.

Here’s a few examples of book trailers that I found on the internet. I’ve never read any of the books. Which ones do would make you want to pick up the book?


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