If You’re Single and You Know It (Clap your hands!)

I recently became a singles columnist. That’s right. I have a singles column. Weird, right? Before you start sending me letters asking how to land a man or woo a wife, I’ll just tell you right now. It’s not an advice column. Maybe it will turn into that down the road but it’s not going to look like the ones you find in Seventeen or Cosmopolitan. This is the part where I should probably confess that I like being single. As a matter of fact, for my last birthday I threw myself a bachelorette party. Why not celebrate being young and unmarried? I didn’t think it was right for a girl to have to wait until she was a stressed out bridezilla to hang out with some of her closest girlfriends. A cozy group of us went to a Moroccan restaurant and just had fun. Life changes when you’re married. Enjoy life in each stage that you’re at.

I used to not like being single. Not to the point where I would sit on the edge of my bed with a pint of ice cream and watch old movies like women do in chick-flicks. I’ve sat on my bed and cried because of men who I think are stupid but that’s entirely different. If you’re a chick, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a dude, tough luck. But sometimes, when all the activities of the day were done, I would wonder if perhaps in the middle of taking care of the complexities of the rest of the world, God had forgotten to create someone for me to marry. I think we’ve all wondered that a time or two.

Then I looked at a recent US Census and realized that I was being stupid. Most men and women in the United States get married. The statistics are pretty high – something like 80%. And there are plenty of people who get married multiple times. So odds are, I’ll get married some day. Statistically speaking, you generally spend more time married than you do single. That changed my thinking. If you do believe that you are going to get married and spend a large chunk of your life married (because we’re all wishful thinkers), you should cherish your limited amount of time as a single. You don’t have to embrace it so tightly that you don’t want to let it go. But realize that there are a few years when you are truly independent.

For now? I’m happy. Do I want to get married? Yup. God hasn’t called me to be single for the rest of my life. But for today, I’m single. And it’s awesome. It also makes it easier to write a single’s column. I’m not married. I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to have your heart bruised by someone you adore.  I’m still there. Right with my readers.

One Response to “If You’re Single and You Know It (Clap your hands!)”
  1. I think you are SO right, enjoy being single. Enjoy this time in your life. Enjoy your ability to write what you live.

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