Nanowrimo – Day 15

I’m a measly 4,500 words off my goal.

It couldn’t be helped. There weren’t enough hours in the weekend to work, hang out with some friends, and write. Something had to be dropped. Stuck between real life and the imaginary, I had to choose the real. I’m pretty sure that it was worth it, too.

The cheesy romance is going quite well though. There have been an ample amount of villians, an appropriately studly hero, a possible love-triangle, and a chance for someone to have amnesia. Maybe I should be writing a serial soap opera instead.

Here’s the current playlist of my writing:

Lots of country, melodrama, and happy sounds. Would anyone else care to share their writing playlist?

2 Responses to “Nanowrimo – Day 15”
  1. Ez says:

    I’m plugging away right there with you. I’m not behind, but I’m not ahead, which is where I need to be, considering we’ll be camping next weekend.

    It’s so awesome to be in the 20’s though! Halfway there.

    My writing play list is to set Pandora to Tim Burton.

  2. Nicole says:

    I love all the Lady Antebellum in your playlist!! Good choice! I’ve got my iPod on shuffle and am on song 1052 out of 1327…kind of fun to listen to every song you have on your iPod…Though I’ll admit I have skipped some… 🙂

    Keep plugging away on your soap oper— I mean cheesy romance. I have to say, even I haven’t done a story with amnesia! 🙂 I bet it is glorious!

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