Self-Centered? A memoirist’s lament.

Don Miller is amazing. Flawed, human, and a smoker in a city that touts itself as green, he’s just another person. But he’s one that can write beautifully. Anyone who has read Blue Like Jazz will remember some of his illustrations or the way that he carefully choses words like they are a rare commodity to be treasured. Each one is weighed and is laid out to play on the page.

But I’m not here to write a love-post about Don Miller. I’m here to applaud one of his latest blog-posts. It’s called Reflections on Self-Promotion and it hits home.

Instead of writing it all out in my own words, I’d rather encourage you to read his. Agree with them if you will or disagree if that’s what you prefer.  Either way, it’s a short read that has made this writer stop and think.


One Response to “Self-Centered? A memoirist’s lament.”
  1. Nicole says:

    Don Miller is one of my favorites too – his book “Through Painted Deserts” (which was once titled “Prayer and the Art of VW Maintenance”) is about him and his friend, Paul Harris, as they roadtrip. Paul Harris was my high school biology teacher and the son in law of my english teacher – he is a great guy! Funny little connection there – that’s all. 🙂

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