Green {book review}

Green is the perfect book for a long layover at the airport. Noisy kids and disgruntled adults will fade into the background as you quickly turn the pages. Tedd Dekker’s latest installment in the story of Thomas brings everything full circle – pun intended by the author. Depending on how far you’ve gone in the series, Green is the perfect ending (or beginning) for Black, Red, and White. Green is the key that provides the “aha!” moment – tying up all the seemingly loose ends in the other books.

In this book, Dekker draws the reader into a much darker and sensuous world than before. Evil is both seductive and repulsive, drawing willing characters to their self-imposed doom. To the Tribe, good is a matter of perspective and Elyon is just a well-meant legend from days gone by. Lives and worlds intertwine as everyone on earth past and present struggle to survive the world that is slowly slaughtering them. Dekker seamlessly introduces two new characters to the series that threaten to undo everything Thomas has worked hard for. Green was a good ending to the Circle books. It’s definitely getting a place on the shelf.

Legal Disclaimer: Thomas Nelson sends me books free of charge in exchange for book reviews. I am not paid for my opinion though I wish I was.


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