Green Christianity?

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, Testify will launch the first video article. We’ve taken a cue from Media Storm and created a multimedia piece. I gave Caleb a concept, he created a video, and I wrote an article to go with it. Video-journalism? I’m not quite sure what to call it. I just sent him the article. I haven’t seen the video yet. I hope they line up.

The concept we’re working through is “Green Christianity.” What does it mean to be a green? At my church, attendees are encouraged to bring their own coffee mug or tumbler. We use eco-friendly servingware. Recycling is encouraged.

Some people think it’s overkill. That’s not what the church should be known for. (They are right. The church should be know for love, but that’s another topic). Growing up in the NW, I don’t think it is overkill to be moderately green. Being eco-friendly is just part of life. You grow up learning how to recycle. Taking public transportation or biking (although, I must admit, I’m not a biker) is common. I feel guilt if I throw out cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, or glass. If I see a pop-can in the garbage, I pick it out and set it aside to be recycled. If it can be recycled, it must be recycled. I don’t have a hybrid car but I want one. Not because I believe oil is evil but because they make sense to me. But that’s the talk of an Oregonian. That’s how we do things. There are parts of the world where more is done. And parts where much less is done.

I don’t see any evil in being eco-friendly. So why is it a controversial topic in the church? When did stewardship become taboo? That’s what we’re talking about tomorrow. Any thoughts today?


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