Brilliant Books (or…what I’m reading and loving at the moment)

I’m housesitting. Which means that I have way too much freedom on my hands and I’m doing what writers do best: procrastinating. Instead of working on my reviews for Radiant Lit, I’m catching up on my pleasure reads. Oh, I’m also still working on my agent packets. Thanks to a missing thumb drive and a looong vacation, I’m a little behind schedule.

But on to the books.

  •  The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning. I was introduced to Brennan’s works a few years ago. Last week, someone recommended that I check out Brennan’s latest work. I did. If The Ragamuffin Gospel changed the way I viewed the grace of God, “The Furious Longing” is broadening the way that I view the love of God. Carefully, skillfully, Brennan weaves a narrative that combines memoir and instruction. He teaches from his colorful past like a grandfather recalling his boyhood to an eager audience of grandchildren. He tells about mistakes, failures, and the “truths” that he was so sure of before God reinvented his heart. One thing that I love about Brennan is his ability to make people ponder and reevaluate what they believe without offending. I’m halfway through the book and loving every page. If the love of God is something you only believe in your head and aren’t experiencing in heart, check the book out. You won’t regret it.
  • The Passion of Mary-Margaret by the wonderful, colorful, and very real Lisa Samson. The book follows the life of Mary-Margaret, a would-be nun on a small island off the East Coast. Through Mary-Margaret’s voice, Lisa takes on issues that haunt every day Christian life. Mary-Margaret is in tune with the Holy Spirit but that doesn’t make her life any easier. Instead, it may make it more difficult because she can’t ignore what He’s telling her. I kept hearing how good this book was while I was at the writer’s conference last month. I thought it was all hype. It wasn’t. Check it out.
  • Even writers need ideas. How to Say It is an excellent resource for anyone who must write a letter of any sort. It covers everything from Sales letters to Love letters (which in some cases are very much the same!).  Wondering how to write a letter discussing your credit? It covers that too. The author did a brilliant job in covering a wide range of correspondence types without overwhelming the reader. It really is a great book. Not something I’d tuck away for a sunny afternoon but something I’d put next to my dictionary or style guide.

Feel free to add your own suggestions, comments, or book reviews. I’d love to hear them!

Well, it’s back to writing. Have a great week!


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