Reading is an addiction

I read too much.

Last Thursday, I read Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher on my way to my family reunion. I don’t know if that’s the author’s real name but it is what’s on the books so I don’t ask questions. I’m generally not in a mood for suspense/supernatural thrillers but this book proved to change my mind about the genre.

The book follows the unraveling of Dennis Shore, the celebrity author who stole his latest best-seller from a fan looking for advice. Dennis used to have a perfect life but now he has a deranged stalker who is trying to make his life a living hell. The pages are filled with descriptions and despicable people who will make your skin crawl and your stomach roil. There were moments when I wanted to drop the book or throw it across the car. But instead, I kept reading. I was hooked.

I’m hazy on the theology of ghosts but I know that hell is a real place. A nasty place devoid of God and love. As I read the book, I started to wonder about people who were fascinated with evil and darkness. People are afraid of the dark for a reason. As the story unfolded, it kept taking twists and turns, never quite ending up where I thought it would. The ending was unexpected and satisfying. Bravo, Travis!

Last night, I read a trilogy. Yes, a trilogy. That’s what I mean about having a reading problem. The Smart Chick trilogy starring Jo Tulip, the cleaning-tip column writer who consistently finds herself in trouble. Written by Mindy Starns Clark, the books are completely addicting. As a less than completely organized woman, I will never write a character who is a cleaning addict. That doesn’t mean I won’t read about her or her adorable next-door neighbor! The adventures of Jo and Danny (the neighbor) are wacky, yet believable.

What’s next on the reading list? I have a few books that I’m supposed to be reviewing for Thomas Nelson and Radiant Lit. Look for those soon!


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