The much awaited writer’s conference is Monday. With the temperature hovering in the triple digits, the city is heating up. Instead of staying in the air conditioned house, I’m hitting the beach with some girlfriends. I want to relax before the conference. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about it.  The beach should be perfect for putting me in that chill mode.

Right now, I have the task of packing before me. The red suitcase is for the writer’s conference. My large tote bag is for the beach and I have yet to find something for the camping trip. That’s right. I’m going camping. Just me and my girl cousins for six days.

We’re going to spend some quality time floating down rivers, swimming in lakes, and hitting up county fairs. We’ll stay up late, watch the stars, and probably hit up one of those campground talks that the park rangers put almost every night. Someone has to go to those things.  A couple of us went last year. Alright, it was just me and my sister that I forced to come with me. It was on forest fires and forest management, and was actually really fascinating.

Before I start revealing even more of my nerdiness, I’ll sign out.  I’ve got to pack! I’ll let you guys know what happens next week.  Thanks for all the prayers, comments, and love. They are appreciated.


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