Photography Workshop

I think I used to live in a bubble. A happy bubble. I used to think that images were captured. Now I know that they are made. Photographers don’t point and click. They turn the dials, check histograms, figure out the correct shutter speed and change aperture settings.

Ignorance really was bliss. My head hurts just thinking about all the different things that go into creating a quality image. It’s easy to tell the eye what to look for but it’s hard to tell the brain how to break it down into attainable steps.

Here’s highlights from the first three days:

Day one:

Day two:


Day three:

Tomorrow is going to be all about portraits. I’m excited. Some of the models are friends of mine so the shoots should be fun and light hearted. The shooting location is also near one of my favorite coffee shops. Another reason to rejoice.


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